End of Service Announcement

Service for the below ZeroApp series application will be ending 31st January 2021.


  • 3 minute workout

▼End of Service Schedule

1) Upgrade features disabled 28th December 2020
Paid and free upgrade features will no longer be available from the above date.
2) Service and support terminated 31st January 2020
Once service and support are terminated, the application will be removed from the App Store and Google Play.

▼Usage After Service Ends

The application can still be used after service ends if you do not uninstall it from your device.

■Caution Notes

  • Purchased Items
    Purchased items and free upgrades cannot be recovered/reinstated after service ends.
  • Data transferring
    Your data is saved within your device, so if you uninstall the application or change your device, your data will be deleted and cannot be recovered.
  • If any bugs or errors occur in the application after service has ended, they will not be fixed.

We sincerely apologize for ending service to this application that has helped us all in achieving our personal goals, and thank everyone for their support over the years.

-ZeroApp Team