The ultimate app for customizing your wallpaper and icons!

Changing your smartphone's wallpaper, icons, widgets, and more is a piece of cake with this app!
+HOME and its themes have been downloaded a total of over 66 million times around the globe!
There are over 1,000 designs available to try, so don't miss out!

Basic Info

Compatible devices Varies by device
Compatible Devices Wide range of Android devices
*iOS devices are not supported
*The app may not work properly on devices that violate the manufacturer warranty.
Distribution Area Global
Language Japanese , English , Chinese ( Traditional) , Chinese (Simplified ) , Korean , Indonesian , Portuguese , German
, French , Spanish , Thai , Arabic , Vietnamese , Turkish , Russian
Price Free
  • Game Boost Master
  • fast flashcards
  • 3 minute workout
  • +HOME
  • Lalune
  • Good Night's Sleep Alarm
  • Eye Training 3D
  • Quick Calorie Control